Dr. Strange hits the movie theaters today.  But the cool sneak peek with  4-D effects is still available in the parks.  

Currently at the Disney Resort there is a Dr. Strange Sneak Peek in Disney’s California Adventure.  The Sneak Peek is located in the old Muppet’s 3-D theater.


The Sneak peek features a screen used Dr. Strange Costume in the load area.


The sneak peak gives you a more in depth look at the latest Marvel film that features Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role.   Catch this sneak peek while you can because the in theater special effects are something you will not find in theaters.  This film looks amazing and opens up the Marvel Universe to the world of magic.  I’ll review this film soon as soon as I get a change to get to the theaters.


Watch the sneak peek in DCA and then head right down into Downtown Disney and catch it in theater.


Posted by Brad Chowen

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