I was excited when Disney announced a series of Comic book series based on the the theme parks called Disney Kingdoms.
The first one that came out was Seekers of the Weird --based on old Rolly Crump artwork from ideas for the park when they were working on the Haunted Mansion.
This comic book was good and had great artwork and I was excited for what would come.  

When they announced a Haunted Mansion comic book I was sure I'd love that as well.  It turns out I didn't 
Then came the announcement of an comic Based on the Enchanted Tiki Room!!
I couldn't have been more excited. Other than Disneyland...Tiki and Tiki culture is one of my passions.   I had no clue what they could possible do with an Enchanted Tiki Room comic, but I was excited to see the Tiki Room tikis in a comic book.
Unforunately this comic book did not live up to my expectations.tiki2

The cover art looked great....I was excited to dig into the book
Issue #1 started out okay as they set out what the comic would actually be about.

Basically the Enchanted Tiki Room comic would be a humorous Tiki Room version of Fantasy Island with guests coming to this magical enchanted island where the Tiki Room sits and having magical adventures.
This was an interesting concept that could actually work....but unfortunately the comic book goes downhill from here.  The guests to the island and their stories are completely uninteresting and I was left shaking my head as to what I had just read.  
Seriously this is what they came up with for the first issue??  One story features on old actress that has never found love wanting her dog Alfred to turn into into a handsome man??? Okay that is a little strange and disturbing.  We get a pointless story about a guy that broke up with his controlling girlfriend. I came here for Tikis and Parrots not a panel after panel about a guy breaking up with someone.
Then we finally get a look at the Parrots of the Tiki Room--but all they are doing is arguing about wanting to do a new song......At this point this comic book episode is going off the rails. Can anything save this book???? Tikis perhaps?   Nope instead we get several pages about a rich disconnected family arguing over stuff from the gift shop and how greedy and ungrateful the kids are and how out of touch the parents are to what their kids really need.  
This was not the Enchanted Tiki Room Comic book I was looking for.

A cool idea ....that just fell completely flat with uninteresting non Tiki stories.

I really don't think I will even buy the second issue  (unless just to collect for the Cover Art).