The rides and attractions at Disneyland are the main focus for many visitors.  Often overlooked is the live entertainment.   Sure you may hear it as you rush past to get in line for Space Mountain, but sometimes stopping and listening can be a memorable experience in itself.  That couldn’t more true then with A Hard Days Night: A Beatles Tribute Band


Disneyland already has a great retro feel.   You can take a trip back to the Wild West in Frontierland or old New Orleans.      Catching A Hard Days Night in Tomorrowland was like going back in a time machine.


With multiple sets covering the different eras of Beatles music this is a musical trip back in time that is worth taking.


Here are some photos from one of their recent performances in the park.  musice-66muisice-200


Check out their Facebook page and find out where and when they are playing at the park next.  They also play around the Orange County area including Kobe Steakhouse in Seal Beach