I’m a big fan of thrill rides.  The Disney Mountain range is my home.  So when my stepdaughter who until very recently didn’t like roller coasters came home from a trip for a friend’s birthday with the news that she rode the Matternhorn 3 times and loved it…..
I couldn’t have been happier.  It has finally happened. Hooray!
That moment when your kid that doesn’t like coasters suddenly does is one of the best moments for a Disney parent.   No more having to split up so one kid can do the coasters while the other goes on Dumbo.  When your children make that leap from not liking coasters to liking them it is like a Christmas gift for a coaster loving adult.  She immediately wanted to go back to the park.


 Just a few months ago I was chasing her around the ropes of the Redcreek trial and chilling on rides like Monsters Inc.   Now our most recent trip was Matterhon X 2 ,


Space Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad  (which she had never been on)ride6

and Star Tours (which luckily she has liked for awhile already.


  And we would have done indy if it hadn’t broken down.     Sure we can still do all those other smaller attractions –but now the whole Disney Resort is our playground.

When you have kids that are about three years apart in age there comes that awkward time when one kid loves all the thrill rides and the other kid isn’t ready for them yet.  It makes a trip to Disneyland more difficult to plan.   We are passholders so we figure out ways to make it work.   If we all go at times we would have to split up so the kids could do different rides.   Or sometimes I would take one kid while my wife was with the other kid doing something else.   Now we are past that…..Now we no longer have to split up.   It is a Magical moment.

She still isn’t sure about California Screaming, but that will come with time.