Duck the Halls 2016 6 out of 10

The last new  Mickey Mouse Cartoon  in this series aired in July.  So I was excited yesterday when I saw online that a Christmas special would be airing.  Duck the Halls features the entire gang celebrating Christmas.   In my opinion this was a  really odd and mixed bag on an episode.

The love the episodes that get the entire gang together and that is how this episode starts out.  It is just about to be Christmas and the entire group of Disney legends are gathered together and then abruptly Daisy and Donald have to leave.  This this particular cartoon Ducks need to migrate south for the winter.  Donald doesn’t want to go because he wants to celebrate with his friends and flees the Daisy’s car just as they are leaving town.   Donald stays behind and Mickey decides to throw him the best 1st Christmas ever.           The problem is Ducks can’t apparently handle the cold in this particular episode and so as Mickey and the gang are celebrating Donald is freezing and suffering and getting sick.   Meanwhile Daisy is hanging out in Florida with all the other Disney Ducks like  Huey, Duey and Louie,  Uncle Scrooge McDuck and Professor Ludwig.

As Mickey and the gang continue to celebrate Donald Duck starts to physically fall apart in a series of clips that are straight out of Ren and Stimpy or SpongeBob.   Watching Donald trying to duck tape his bill back on and lose all his feathers and go crazy was weird. I thought this plot was a very strange choice for a Disney Christmas special.  There was a so-so not so memorable musical number.   I found parts of the episode entertaining –but with this odd story this will not become a Disney Holiday classic.

To prove how odd this episode was…Santa arrives and gets stuck in the chimney and Mickey and the crew steal Santa’s sleigh to get Donald down south before he dies.  The crash the sleigh into the beach town setting half the town on fire.  Santa shows up looking totally angry again looking like something from Ren and Stimpy and brings Christmas to the beach.


This special can be currently seen on the Disney Channel and I’m sure it will soon be on Disney Online.