I really wanted to like Lego Disney Frozen: Northern Lights,  but it just didn’t live up to expectations.   The Lego cartoons have a fun little geeky sense of humor and I figured that might translate well in this new Holiday short that aired on the Disney Channel.   Unfortunately the lack of an interesting story in this Holiday special left me just feeling numb.   Most of the jokes fell flat.   Olaf was still mildly entertaining –but the story about the gang from Frozen seeking the Northern Lights was just not interesting enough to hold my attention.   I loved the Yoda Chronicles Lego Star Wars adventures so I was just expecting more from this Holiday special based on such a popular film.

That being said I’m sure some kids will enjoy seeing some of their favorite Frozen characters so it may be worth a watch for them,  I just don’t see this short becoming a holiday classic anytime soon.

Check the Disney channel for future showings.