Rogue One proves that Disney buying Star Wars was the best thing for a Galaxy Far Far Away!


Rogue One 2016  10 out of 10

Spoilers Ahead

The people that were upset when Disney bought Star Wars were wrong! (In my opinion). Disney has ushered in a golden age of Star Wars content.  Rogue One was a risky choice for the first none Saga film and yet that risk paid off.  It was definitely a different Star Wars movie.   It was a war film,  A Dirty Dozen in the Star Wars Universe.  This movie featured main characters you have never heard of before.  You already know that they succeed in their task.  Like the movie Titanic… know how it will end before it begins. It was a  great film about sacrifice and hope.

The Box Office:

The movie was a box office success right out of the box. As of this posting 12/24/2016 the movie has already earned over 221 Million Domestic in about one week and over 419 Million Worldwide and is poised to dominate again Christmas weekend.  Rogue One has opened up the Star Wars Universe in a way only the books from the Expanded Universe could before.  I think the success of Rogue One is going to give Disney the green light they were looking for as far as expanding the Star Wars cinematic universe.  The film has received rave reviews and this is going to be one of them.

The Plot

Rogue One is basically Star Wars 3.9 as a friend of mine said the other night.   The story takes place literally right before Star Wars: A New Hope.   The movie is the crawl of the original Star Wars and I never could have imagined how exciting that simple crawl could be.  A band of rebels come together to steal the Death Star plans.  We know how this movie ends before it begins and yet Disney and Lucasfilm were able to create an incredible and compelling story.  The movie proves that even if you know how it ends before it starts it is the journey that is important.   What a journey it was.   After a slow start to set up and introduce the characters this movie becomes an exciting rollercoaster ride of adventure. The action sequences were thrilling.  The space battles epic.   The story was well crafted and actually fixes precieved plot holes from the original in such a satisfying way that you want to run out of the theater and see A New Hope all over again.

The Cast

The cast was amazing.  This film was truly an ensemble piece.  I left the film wanting to know more about all the characters and the Star Wars universe.   I would want to see books or comics of all of these characters.    Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso was perfect.   Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen were both amazing and despite how the film ends you leave wishing for more of them.  Diego Luna is basically a Rebel spy and assassin. A James Bond type character in the Star Wars universe.   I would love to see his adventures before the events of this film.

Tarkin and Leia  (Spoilers)

I’ve seen differing opinions about the effects.   I’m definitely in the camp of ” WOW that was amazing”.   Lucasfilm was able to bring  (Peter Cushing) Tarkin back to life.  And not in a cameo -but in a major role.  I’m sure you could over analyze it and find flaws –but for me this was a Jurrasic Park dinosaur moment in special effects.  I think they nailed it.  Many casual Star Wars fans will leave the theater not even realizing that it was an effect.   The ending of the film with the Leia moment was also perfection as far as I was concerned.  The last 5 minutes of this film gave us the Vader we have always dreamed of and directly leads into a New Hope with the plans being handed over to Leia straight out of the 1970’s.

My Final Thoughts

I’ve seen the movie twice and I still can’t fully gather my thoughts on this film other than to say that I absolutely loved it.  It enhanced the Star Wars universe and just made it even more interesting.   I absolutely can’t wait for more.   We are less than a year from Episode 8 and more Luke Skywalker and Rey.    Even though I’m still nervous about recasting a young Han Solo (because I can only see Harrison as the character)  –I can’t wait for the Han Solo film.  I can’t wait to watch the next episode of Rebels.  I want an Obi Wan movie and a Yoda film.  I’d watch a Vader movie.   Rogue One just made my Star Wars fandom that much bigger (which I didn’t know was possible).   Go see this movie and enjoy.