After a record breaking 2016 at the box office that saw Disney movies make over 7 Billion Dollars at the Box Office.    Disney isn’t resting on its success.  I don’t think it can possible come close to it’s 2016 haul –but there are still some big movies to look forward to in 2017.

Here is a list of some of the movies that could possibly bring in a lot of money into Disney’s pockets and a lot of smiles to movie fans.

Rogue One is currently still dominating the box office and is approaching Finding Dory for the number 1 spot at the domestic box office .  By the time Rogue One fades from the theaters  …

  1.  Beauty and the Beast is set to takeover at the local theaters on March 17th.   This could be a monster hit for Disney.  The trailers look stunning and the popularity of the original and Stage play have never faded.  beauty-and-the-beast-teaser-poster

2.   Following  on the heels of Beauty and the Beast comes the much anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hitting theaters on May 5th 2017.  The trailer for this sequel looks bad ass and I expect the film to grow the audience for the franchise.


3.   Up next is the return of Jack Sparrow…..This is a little bit more of a gamble at the box office since Johnny Depp movies haven’t been exactly killing it at the box office (see Disney’s one big flop of 2016  the Alice in Wonderland sequel).    But I’ll definitely be checking out because I personally can’t get enough of Jack Sparrow:   Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales on May 26th 2017


4.  Then comes Cars 3 on June 2016.   The teaser promo looks interesting.  Cars isn’t at the top of any list of Pixar movies I was dying to see –but it is Pixar and they rarely do a movie that isn’t Incredible


.5.   Are you ready for more Thor?     Well more Thor is coming on November 3rd.  The Thor solo movies have been just okay….but this Thor may be more like Captain America: Civil War  as Dr. Strange and The Hulk are along for the ride.

6.   I literally known little to nothing about Coco from Pixar coming out November 22nd. But again it is Pixar and it sits with a comfy Thanksgiving weekend opening.


7.   And the biggest movie of the year next year will likely be coming out on December 15th

Star Wars Episode 8 will dominate the box office.     We will finally get to see Luke Skywalker in action again.luke