Movie News:r1_character_1sht_droid_v1_lg

We might as well start off with the Elephant in the room.  Star Wars Rogue One.   As of today Rogue One has earned over 500 Million at the Domestic Box Office  which makes it the biggest movie that opened in 2016 and number 7 on the all time Domestic box office list.   It currently seats at 983 Million Worldwide.   I loved the film and think that it opens up the Star Wars universe to infinite stories beyond the saga films.

Up next for Disney at the Box Office is Beauty and the Beast in March which has been looking great from the trailers so far.  I’m sure it will be a big hit.


In TV News..  Agents of Shield has returned from its mid season break with a great new storyline to follow up on the Ghost Rider arc from the first half of the season.   It was teased in the mid season finale and brought to life in the first episode of the second half of the season.   LMD’s  or  Life Model Decoys —- something many comic book readers have been waiting for.  Agents of Shield continues to be one of the best programs on TV and ties to the MCU movie universe so well.


Disney Channel  news:    Disney released a sneak peek for its new animated TV Series featuring the characters from Tangled and Big Hero 6 which will be on the Disney Channels. Both should be worth giving a watchpromo-trailer-tangled-before-ever-after

As a parent there are a lot of Disney shows and Nickelodeon shows that you end up having to watch over and over again as your children watch them on a weekly basis.   Some are watchable and other NOT SO MUCH.



You may disagree with me —but I’m so glad that Girl Meets World is not getting renewed.   I can’t take another second of this preachy (Lesson of the Week) horrible show.   If you are going to try and teach a lesson at least do it while being funny.   That show is so phony I couldn’t take it anymore.  Give me Liv and Maddie anyday over Girl Meets World.


In  Disneyland Resort Theme Park News:

The Food and Wine Festival will be returning to DCA March 10th thru April 16th.  I can’t wait to see what tastings they will have for its second year back.


The Tower of Terror is no more….You can read my Farewell in a blog on this webpage.    But work is already taking place on its replacement. Signage for the new Guardians ride is already up.  Get ready for some Star Lord themed fun this summer.

A Star Wars Land Update:

No longer are we just looking at a giant piles of sand.   Activity in Star Wars Land is ramping up with tractors and machines all over the place.  You can see foundation work being done and from the Frontierland side a glimpse of some early rock work.  It is going to be exciting to watch this project progress.


Rumor Category:

This one is in the rumor column.   I’ve seen it posted on several sites around the net –that Trader Sam’s may expand –possible taking over the Tangaroa Terrace for some additional indoor space.   I HOPE this rumor is true…because it has become a lot harder to get a seat in Trader Sam’s and like the Avalon Cove bar expansion in DCA –I’m sure it will fill up just as quickly with the extra space.