How to Fish 1942    7 out of 10

Other than the ” Duck the Halls”Christmas special the last of new Mickey Mouse cartoon series that I’ve been covering  aired in July of 2016 with the episode “Good Sports” – that was similar in nature to the spirit of the old Goofy “How To” Series of cartoons.    So I decided to dig back into my Disney Cartoon collection and start where I left off with the old Goofy Cartoon DVD Collection from the Walt Disney Treasures DVD’s.    Of course now you can readily find pretty much all of these cartoons online.

How to Fish was released in 1942 and continues the Goofy “How to” Series.  It isn’t as strong as many of the classic sports themed ones like the baseball, football, or basketball shorts, but still has some enjoyable sight gags and moments.  Following the narrators instructions Goofy attempts to fish.   In typcial Goofy style he doesn’t have much success.    The gags in this cartoon include the trout laughing at his bait.


Goofy’s casting skills land him in a tree and then he gets his big catch of the day, which turns out to be his own boat motor.  This sequence is probably the best gag as Goofy is dragged all over the lake.  I enjoyed returning of the old school Goofy cartoons -because I enjoy the less bedraggled look of the cartoon from the older cartoons.

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