Victory Vehicles 1943  6 out of 10

This cartoon is from the time during World War II when Disney did some war related work as a part of the war effort.  On the Walt Disney Treasures collection it comes with a little intro by Leonard Maltin explaining the climate at the time when rationing for the war effort was occuring.    This cartoon short basically depicts other ways of traveling other than by car when people were trying to drive less as a part of the war effort.   It still has a sense of humor about it as the alternative methods of travel get quite silly, but keep in mind that this cartoon was aimed more at adults as a part of the war effort.

We still get to see a bunch of funny looking forms of transporation and the ultimate form at the end the Pogo Stick.   So there are some enjoyable Goofy  type bumbling moments.



The cartoon can be found as a part of the Walt Disney Treasures DVD set of goofy cartoons and I’m sure online.