Movie News:

Disney is gearing up for Beauty and the Beast release to theaters on March 17th.  Here is one of a series of cool new posters for the film featuring Gaston (played by Luke Evans).   Disneyland will be starting a Sneak Peek of the movie in the old Muppets theater starting Feb 10th (I’ll definitely check that out and do a blog about it).   Disney also just released their final trailer for the film online.  (You can check it out on our Facebook page).


In other Movie news  Star Wars Rogue One has now passed  1 Billion dollars at the Domestic box office currently sitting at around 1,034 Billion before this weeks results are released which will creep a little bit higher as it’s box office run finally slows down.   But that isn’t the only Star Wars movie news.     We got a title for Star Wars Episode 8.   The Last Jedi……..But what exactly does that mean…..The whole Star Wars community is waiting to find out.


And if that wasn’t enough Star Wars news.   Woody Harrelson is joining the cast of the Han Solo movie as a mentor to Han Solo.   I know Woody has done a ton of movies including playing a mentor character in the Hunger Games series,  but he will always be the dim witted Bartender from Cheers to me.


Video Games:

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be getting a single player story mode which was missing from the first version and called for by many fans.  It will also feature content from the new films.


Podcast News:


Speaking of Star Wars…..I just recently recorded a Star Wars vs Star Trek Podcast that discusses Rogue One and Star Trek Beyond.  (Plus the Franchises in general)  on The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast I’m a part of SUPER FANTASTIC TERRIFIC SHOW #22 – STAR WARS VS. STAR TREK.

Because of my love of both Disney and Star Wars we have done several Disney/Star Wars related episodes.  Plus Disney movie news generally makes most episodes in the Mouse Minute segment.  Check them out and share them with friends.

Here was our Force Awakens Podcast

The Force Awakens Podcast

This episode we covered the controversial film secretly filmed in the parks without Disney’s permisson Escape from Tomorrow and Part 1 of our Disneyland discussion.

Escape from Tomorrow and Disneyland Part 1

Disneyland Discussion Part 2

Star Wars Celebration from 2015 discussion


In  Disneyland Resort Theme Park News:

The Electrical Parade has returned to Disneyland and people are once again lining up.


I should have more theme park news soon as I haven’t made it out to the parks in a couple weeks since I’ve been getting the house ready for a new little soon to be Disney fan.   I’ll leave you with this great shirt I saw last time in the parks that makes fun of the age old question about Donald Duck and why he doesn’t wear pants.