How to be a Sailor 1944 7 out of 10

Still in the World War II era -this “How to Goofy”  cartoon short is a basically a history of sailing –that ends with the then modern sailor of World War 2.

The cartoon short features Goofy’s from many different eras starting with Caveman Goofy discovering that he could get across the water sitting on a log and paddling.  It was like a fun silly little history journey.  It was like a great collection of different Goofy’s:  Viking Goofy, Pirate Goofy, Sailor Goofy.   It made me think how fun it would be if an attraction like Spaceship Earth or the old World of Motion could get a Goofy makeover.  Imagine the history of motion but told in the old school “How to Goofy” series.   It could be amazing.     This cartoon like the last was during the war with Japan -so was aimed at adults and has a few insensitive and stereotypical protrayals at the end of the short.   It was still an enjoyable cartoon that took advantage of Goofy’s silly nature.

It can again be found as a part of the Walt Disney Treasures : The Complete Goofy DVD Set and easily found now online as well.