Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17th, but for those lucky enough to get to the theme parks between now and then, there is a great little eight minute sneak peek playing in both DCA and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I popped out to the park today on my birthday to have a look.


The Sneak Peek in DCA is currently running in the Old Muppet’s Theater (which has mainly been used for sneak peeks recently).

There are large murals advertising the film as you walk inside.



Once you reach the old Muppet Preshow area –there is a small collection of cool props from the film that include Belle’s village dress.


A magical Atlas


And of course the iconic Rose under glass


And the magical hand mirror all with a cool Library backdrop.


Once inside the theater the side walls have cool moving posters of characters from the film.   Then the sneak peek itself begins.


The Sneak Peek is mainly Belle’s famous opening song from the animated film and it looks a sounds incredible.  They couldn’t have cast a better Gaston and LeFou.  I personally wasn’t impressed with the casting of Belle originally -but Emma Watson looks like she will do an incredible job if this clip is an indication.   This opening number is terrific and if the rest of the film is a good as this —Beauty and the Beast will be a smash hit just like the animated and Broadway version.   The opening song is then followed by a mini trailer that hints at other classic moments from the film.   This sneak peek is a must see for any Beauty and the Beast fans and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone that visits either of the two parks it is currently showing in.