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How to Play Golf 1944 9 out of 10

This particular entry in the Goofy How to Series is vintage classic Goofy.   Silly and fun this cartoon gives us a golf lesson with Goofy clumsily fumbling his way through the entire cartoon in Goofy style.  Goofy gets hilmself wrapped in knots trying to find the perfect swing and then finds himself in a sand trap that might as well be a sinkhole.    “Play the ball where it lies”  the Golfers rule.   Only Goofy finds himself at the end of the this cartoon playing the ball off and angry Bull and gets chased all over the golf course.   This Goofy carton is about 7:4o seconds of pure Goofy fun.  I would definitely recommend this to all true Goofy fans.  This cartoon short is a great example of why Goofy is my Favorite Disney Character.

I watched it on my Walt Disney Treasures the Complete Goofy DVD Set…..But it can be found and enjoyed online as well,