Theme Park News:

1 month until Beauty and Beast opens and Disneyland already has plans to bring some Beauty and the Beast themed entertainment to the park. When I was out at the park last week they already had some new merchandise in the little old shop at the corner of Village Haus which currently has no signage, but will be called the Royal Reception.


Here is an example of what is in the little shop.



Disney also has plans to bring some extra experiences to the park as well for a limited time.  The Village Haus restaurant will transform into Red Rose Taverne which will feature murals showing show of the popular scenes from the film.   The menu will have French taverne-inspired food and signature beverages and the Grey Stuff —that I hear is pretty good according to legend.

Gaston will be wandering around to meet and greet guests and maybe flex for a picture or two.  This is an experience that only Disneyworld has had until now ….  so see him while you can.

One more addition will be a little performance of the Beauty in the Beast in the Royal Theatre which has featured fun minimalist shows of Tangled and more in the past.


In  other Disneyland Resort news.   The Guardians of Galaxy Tower is coming along quickly.  I took this quick photo last week where you can see a sneak at what it will look like .


Here is what it will look like when it is done.Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Breakout-Featured-02152017.jpg

Then news hit during the week that when the ride opens in May there will be a lot more to be excited about in addition to the ride itself.

May 27th  Mission Breakout opens to the public and a Super Hero sized celebration will be taking place in the old Mad Tea Party area.   They had me at Groot Meet and Greet.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance Off!   Which will be based on music from films will likely be a smash.    Other limited time activities will include Hawkeye and Black Window in something called the Avengers Training Initiative  ( sounds like Jedi Training for super heroes to me)   Kids today are so lucky.


Movie News:

Of course all the attention is currently on Beauty and the Beast which comes out soon.  (you can see my thoughts on the sneak peek in an earlier blog).    But more movie news was announced this week.  The Live Action Lion King that will be directed by Jon Favreau of The Jungle Book  has cast James Earl Jones returning to the voice of Mufasa and Donald Glover as Simba.   (Both are a part of the Star Wars Universe as well as Darth Vader and now Young Lando).  This film is about as sure a thing as Hollywood makes.


The Mary Poppins Sequel has added another Disney Legend as well. Angela Landsbury will be joining the cast as a character from the books called the Baloon Lady.  I’m starting to look forward to what modern special effects can do with Mary Poppins and delighted that Dick Van Dyke is returning as well.