How to Play Football  1944 9+ out of 10

This installment in the Goofy “How To” Series is a true gem. Like How to Play Baseball before it… this cartoon features a bunch of clumsy Goofy’s playing a game of football.  The narration is quick and witty and the sight gags are pure joy to watch as a bunch of Goofy’s scramble around the field fumbling and bumbling through the game.  The elastic nature of Goofy works so well in these team sports cartoons.   One of the Goofy’s is running down the field with his pants falling down around his ankles.   The Goofy Sports series is full of action and laughs and How to Play Football is one of the highlights of the series.


I watched the cartoon on the DVD Walt Disney Treasures set the Complete Goofy –but it can be found online these days.