Taking a short break from the series of Goofy cartoons I was revisiting and reviewing ,  I thought I’d do a quick review of a magical Pixar cartoon from this summer.


Piper 2016 10 out of 10

Piper just won an academy award for best Cartoon short at the Oscars this weekend.  I first saw this cartoon when it came out in front of Finding Dory this summer.  Piper is a visual marvel.  You could easily believe that this little bird was real.   The cartoon short follows this baby sandpiper on it’s  first adventure out of the comfort of his little beach front home in the grass into the ocean in search of food.  This cartoon is nearly perfect.  It captures that childlike moment that every kid has experienced when first dipping their toes into the waves at the beach.  Piper has some thrills, laughs and heartfelt moments as the little bird struggles at first to get food.   Piper is basically an adorable display of what Pixar is capable of.   And now this little cartoon is an Oscar winning cartoon as well.