I wanted to do a little mini restaurant review today of the Beauty and the Beast makeover to Village Haus…..but apparently everyone else in Disneyland wanted to eat there as well.  It was a crowded day in the parks for sure– but I’ve never seen a quick service restaurant that you used to be able to wander into this crazy.  It used to be like a forgotten food location on some days –but little theme change and the line was out the door and practically into Star Wars Land.    )I actually worked one summer busing tables at Village Haus back in the day …but that is another story)


It was clear to us that an hour wait in line for quick service wasn’t going to happen today since we only had limited time in the parks–so instead we just popped inside for a few minutes to take a few pictures.

I loved the stained glass windows with the Red Rose


I’ll definitely get around to checking out the food on a quieter day since the new menu has some stuff that looks and sounds great.    The Burger with Gruyere cheese sounds especially good and my wife will want to try one of the three new flatbread options.   And waffle cut-fries  with poutine—-oh my.    Also on the dessert end of things they have a Lemon Rose Cake with the Grey Stuff and Gaston’s Famous Brew that features Apple-Mango Punch with a passion fruit foam that you can get in a Gaston mug.



Here are a few more pictures of the changes inside.


I think this theme is going to stick around for awhile beyond the films release