It was a super crowded day at Disneyland this last weekend so after about 5 Attractions in DCA we headed to try unsuccesfully eat at Red Rose Taverne.  We basically didn’t have much time before having to head home for my step daughter’s cheer comp.    With only about 4o minutes left and all the lines around an hour we wandered through the Tarzan’s treehouse (that even had a line) and then killed some time in the Adventureland shops.  We got a stamped coin from the Elephant and listened to Aladdin’s lamp and then wandered around the shops.

This lead me to an unexpected  must have purchase.   This cool Shrunken Ned’s cocktail glass for around $9.99


This Tiki Room glass was cool as well–but I didn’t wasn’t a must have like the item Shrunken Ned.


Noticed these items in the Indiana Jones store…..Still waiting and hoping that someday they will have a Goofy Indy figure like they do with Mickey.


The Adventureland stores also had some new cool looking Stitch outfits that I hadn’t seen before.


These interesting Pixar Collage shirts I hadn’t seen before as well


Something something a little adventurous for the wife.