Tiger Trouble 1945 8 out of 10

I had never actually seen this Goofy cartoon before, I don’t know how that is even possible. In this cartoon Goofy in on safari with an elephant and they run into a man eating Tiger,  Complete with a Safari Hunter rug (a great visual gag.   This is an action packed Goofy cartoon that feels like the chase scene from Icabod Crane.  Goofy spends the majority of the cartoon running and screaming as he tries to escape from this fierce beast.  The cartoon features a bunch of silly and fun sight gags.   Goofy ties the Tiger’s tail to a tree as the Tiger is eating his shoe and makes his escape only to be pursued all over the jungle.

A Must See for Goofy fans.     I watched this on my Complete Goofy Walt Disney Treasures DVD–but it can also easily be found online.