The new animated Tangled TV Series debuted the other day on the Disney channel.   Disney Tangled Before Ever After 2017


I had really enjoyed the animated short Tangled Ever After which featured the  Pascal the Gecko and Maximus the horse trying to get back the wedding rings.  It is one of my absolute favorite Action/Comedy Disney Short Cartoons.  So I was looking forward to the new series called Tangled Before Ever After that would be debuting on The Disney Channel.     The series kicked off with a basically an hour long story to get you back into the world of Tangled.  It features 2-D hand drawn animation unlike the movie which gave it a slightly different look, but in no way took away from the series premiere.

The premiere episode for this series definitely showed promise and actually directly reminded me of the another Disney animated TV show  that I actually  used to watch  back in the day.  This series is very much like the Aladdin TV Series from 1994-1995.   Of course Tangled has no Genie (so Aladdin it can’t and won’t be)  but it followed a similar formula that worked well with Aladdin.    It takes place between the movie and the supposed happily ever after that ends ever fairtale.   We know from the cartoon short  Tangled Ever After that Flynn and Rapunzel eventually marry –this cartoon will tell what happened before that wedding.

The Premise 

Flynn Rider is loving his new life in the castle and is ready to propose to Rapunzel.   Rapunzel on the other hand is trying to get used to her new life has is having difficulty adjusting to being a princess and is feeling like a prisoner in a larger cage (sort of like Jasmine).     Rapunzel sneaks out of the palace with the help of a new character named Cassandra and they go beyond the walls of the kingdom.    Cassandra shows her the spot where they found the flower that saved her mother’s life and when Rapunzel touches it her magical blonde locks grow back and this dark spiky crystals take over the area leaving them having to make an action packed escape.

The rest of the cartoon premiere has humorus moments with Rapunzel trying to hide her hair during a ceremony that officially makes her a princess and then having to battle a rogue band of thieves from capturing some of the royalty.     This episode perfectly captured the spirit of the movie with action and humor and even a good new song called “Wind in my Hair”.   Zachary Levi is back as the voice of Flynn and Mandy Moore as the voice of Rapunzel.       I hope we will see more of Maximus the horse as the series goes along –because he is by far my favorite Tangled character.

The series definitely has some potential for anyone that enjoyed the film.