Movie News:

Beauty and the Beast has arrived in theaters and it is mauling competition.

It had a huge opening weekend destroying estimates with about 170 Million and didn’t slow down much in it’s second weekend bringing in another 90 Million.    In 12 days at the Domestic Box Office it has already grossed 335 Million domestically and  over 731 Million Worldwide.   It is safe to say that it is a smash hit –just like the animated movie and the stage play.   This movie was a no-brainer and as long as they didn’t screw it up it was bound to  be a success.

While Beauty and the Beast will probably keep rolling into mid April. Guardians is up next on the horizon for Disney.  The much anticipated Guardians sequel  opens on May 5th.  I think this one will be even bigger than the 1st movie.  The first time around not many people outside comic book circles had even heard of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Now it is a successful franchise with a lot of buzz.

.    Groot

 Things are ramping up in the world of Pirates as well as May 26th  Jack Sparrow is back and from the trailers it looks like we are in for another fun Pirate Adventure.   The early buzz is that this film is closest in tone to the original, which is one of my all time favorite movies.


This week Disney asannounced the title for the Wreck it Ralph Sequel.  It looks like the characters will be breaking out of the arcade and taking on the internet which sounds like fun.


Theme Park News:

4 Words:   Dole Whip Cotton Candy!……..  First they make the adult Dole Whips available over at the Disneyland hotel and now this……I have never been a big fan of Cotton Candy,  but they had me at Dole Whip.

The Food and Wine Festival is in full swing at DCA…I will be hoping to check it out this weekend.

Star Wars Land is starting to look like a Land and the Guardians Ride looks like it is ready to open when the film arrives .

In Orlando –they are already taking Fast Pass reservations for Pandora.  Pandora.jpg


Disney TV NEWS:

I recently reviewed the new Tangled animated TV Series  Premiere on this page.  The show should be starting up a on regular basis now.

Coming this summer to Disney XD … The return of Ducktales.   I’ll admit I never watched the original series –but with a brand new baby in the house I’m sure I’ll be watching a lot more Disney shows again so I might as well guide the kid towards some fun shows.DuckTales

Also on Disney XD Obi Wan and Darth Maul just faced off about a week ago bringing Rebels even more importance  in the Star Wars Universe.   A Must See episode for Star Wars fans that may not watch the show regularly.

I’ll do a full Blog on Season 3 once I catch the finale that got bumped off my DVR this week after Disney ran a marathon of Rebels episodes wiping out the finale I had recorded while out of Town.


A Quick Disneyland Resort  Complaint:

What is up with Disneyland constantly underestimating its fans demand when it comes to cool Souvenior cups.   Last year they couldn’t keep Poison Apples cups around and then there was the great Haunted Mansion Tiki Mug ordeal.  Those things sold out almost instantly when they were meant to last through the Halloween season.   Now it seems like Beauty and the Beast Rose Cups are the latest hard to find treasure.   Someone at Disney needs to get on the ball with the supply chain and address the demand of Disney fans.  It is a shame that people can’t get these popular items.  The Haunted Mansion Tiki mugs would sell year round.  Yet they only had to small waves of production for some unknown reason.