I’ve been to Disneyland alone.

I’ve been to Disneyland as a couple without kids and with friends.

I’ve done Disneyland with my step kids from ages 3  to now elementary school and high school age.

I’ve never done Disneyland with a Baby……

Hudson arrived into our lives in early February.  So now Disneyland with a baby will be a part of my new Reality on some of our trips to the parks.

So I thought this would be an opportunity for a new series of blogs covering the subject as I learn this new experience in the parks.

I always used to think that kids really can’t enjoy the parks until they are around 2 or 3 years old.  But being a Disneyland family and now having a baby….I just can’t wait for his first trip.   I’ll try and make this blog series fun and informative at the same time.   I’ll give tips as I learn the Do’s and Do Not’s.

How will we deal with the Stroller situation???   And navigating the crowds?   You will have to tune in to find out how Hudson and I navigate the parks.  He already has his first Disney outfit ready to go.

Hudson 11