Californy Er Bust 1945  6 out of 10

In Californy Er Bust a bunch of Goofys are taking a covered wagon across the U.S. in Western times on their way to California.   On the Walt Disney Treasures DVD set this cartoon came with an explanation by Leonard Maltin about the American  Indian stereotypes found  in this cartoon from 1945.  The cartoon basically parodies the sterotypes found in Western movies of the time.   So this cartoon is probably one to avoid for the sensitive politically correct crowd.   I grew up watching re-runs of F-Troop so it didn’t bother me.


 The cartoon features a wagon train being surrounded by indians and the settlers and the indians battling with a silly Goofy style twist.   The cartoon was enjoyable , but not one of the better ones of the Goofy series.  The highlight was probably the Goofy indians dancing.

Up next the Goofy series will return to my favorite subject matter Goofy How to Sports cartoons…..Stay tuned for a quick look at that next week.