Hockey Homicide  1946  10 of out 10

Hockey Homicide is one of my favorite Goofy cartoons.   It is non stop silly cartoon Hockey violence.  A Bunch of Goofy’s on ice beating the heck out of each other .     At one point the ref gets pummelled and a bunch of pucks fall onto the ice and it becomes a free for all.  There is a funny comic thread of the two best players fighting none stop and spending the whole game in the penalty box.  Fearless Ferguson…..What a great name.      If you love the Goofy Sport cartons –you will probably love this one.   It is just a non-stop Goofy silliness.

The more Goofy’s the bettter in my opinion

Hockey Homicide 2

I caught this Goofy Cartoon on my Walt Disney Treasure The Complete Goofy.. but it can be easily found online.     A must see for Goofy Fans

Hockey Homicide 1