Knight for a Day   1946   10 out of 10

This cartoon holds a special place for me and that probably explains why I like it so much.  My parents used to have a home projector that you could show your old family movies on and they had a copy of this cartoon in black and white.   I remember watching this cartoon without sound on the old projector which may have contributed to Goofy being one of my favorite characters.

Anyway the cartoon itself features a squire Goofy named Cedric preparing a knight for battle against a brutal champion.   While preparing the knight for battle he accidentally knocks out  knight and must take his  place.    This cartoon is action and gag packed.  The Champion has a shield made of metal and bricks.   Goofy’s shield has a lion drawn on it that literally runs off the shield as the champion knight heads straight Goofy.   Goofy takes some serious blows -but somehow withstands them and then basically wins by wearing down his opponent while he hides in the busted up armour.

I can find no faults in this cartoon from the storyline to the animation and the quick paced narration.  It is a nearly flawless Goofy Cartoon.

I watched this cartoon on the Walt Disney Treasures  Complete Goofy DVD collection…..It can also be found online.