We have had a busy 2017.  (New Baby and all)  so we didn’t get much of a chance to take in the Food and Wine Festival at DCA.   We didn’t get to sign up for any of Wine Seminars or Wine Diners .  I still miss the old days when you didn’t have to book those things the day they were announced.  When the Food and Wine Festival first came to DCA you could basically just line up about a half an hour ahead of time and get into the Seminars for free.  (Well those days are long gone).

We finally got out to the festival on the final day and enjoyed short lines and some great food offerings.

Food Wine

The lines were much shorter than when we went last year so we had a much better experience.  We are wine Fans –but even if you aren’t a wine drinker the numerous food options that are just for the festival are definitely worth checking out.


We started our journey at the Nuts About Cheese booth with the Brie Toast with Fig & Mint  and the Chevre Fromage Blanc Tartine with Rosemary and Honey pictured above.   Both were incredible.

We Love Cheese.



Food 12

Chef Goofy was out to entertain the crowds as were Chef  Chip and Dale

Food 20















At the Olive Us booth

Below is the Warm Olive Focaccia with olive oil and sea salt which was definitely one of the favorite treats we tried.


Food 18

My wife is a big fan of French Onion Soup.   I don’t like Onions and have never even tried it because it has the word Onion in it.   If I’m eating something like a hamburger the first thing I will do is make sure no onions or pickles are to be found.   She raved about this French Onion Mac & Cheese with Parmesan Crumble & Chives….  After trying to explain to me again that I would like it I finally caved.

It was the best food item we tried all day and that is saying a lot because it was absolutely amazing and should be sold in the parks year round.


At the Sourdough Themed booth again this year they had the White Cheddar Lager soup topped with bacon in a mini Boudin boule.   This was our favorite returning item from last year’s festival.   It was again great –but no French Onion Mac and Cheese.


There was a ton of other things we wanted to try –my wife had a couple of other  items like the Sweet Corn nuggets with beef chili spring onions and sour cream  which was okay but probably her least favorite item.    I wanted something dessert.    The Roasted Sweet Corn Custard Tart with Honey Tuille & Smoke Chili-infused Chocolate Sauce was amazing.   A Corn dessert???  who knew.

Food 27

Another thing that was an improvement over last year (other than the crowds was the fact that they had spread the Festival booths out more so it wasn’t packed all into one area.     All the way down in Paradise Pier they had the Festival Beer Garden with a bunch of local Anaheim Beer options.

Food 40

I got a nice flight of beers from local Anaheim breweries

Food 45

The only one I didn’t like was the Propeller-Head Amber Ale with Coffee,  but that is because I’m not a Coffee fan.

Food 59food-67.jpg

We will definitely be back again next year……Possible one of the Wine Maker diners will make our list if we are more on top of things and can login and book it quick enough.      Still our favorite Food and Wine Festival event was The Taste event that they did years ago the last year of the Festival before it shut down for the construction of Carsland.