Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol. 2   2017 10 out of 10

After the movie opens up with a short scene of Kurt Russell hooking up with Star Lord’s mom to the sounds of the song Brandy,  we jump ahead to the Guardians arguing as they prepare to battle a giant creature that is trying to steal some  expensive batteries they have been hired to protect.   But instead of seeing the entire battle in all of its glory we see the battle in the background as Baby Groot rocks out to a song.  This scene was hilarious, over the top and incredible and set the tone for the rest of the flick.

The film is funny, ridiculous, silly, action packed and visually amazing.  It never takes itself too serious and delivers an absolutely fun and enjoyable ride.   The Guardians argue, insult and pick on each other relentlessly, but they get the job done.   The theme of the film is about family and the many forms that it may come.   The way it is presented on screen is an absolute delight.  This movie is out of this world!

It is still early in the year and I haven’t seen a lot of 2017 releases yet –but despite a slate of big movies still to come out this one may be hard to beat.  I left the theater just wanting more of Guardians of the Galaxy and the cool play ground  of a universe that this Marvel film has given us .   It is quickly becoming one of my favorite Franchises and the Marvel films I’m looking forward to the most.

And then there is Baby Groot……You just can’t get enough of Baby Groot.