Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has become my favorite show on TV.                     May Sweeps is a tense time in the TV show world as the cancellations and renewals of TV shows are slowly announced by the Networks.  There had been some speculation that with Disney/Marvel launching a TV show of the Inhumans comic book that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D could be ending since Inhumans are a major part of the series.    Every article this week of TV show cancellations had me on pins and needles as long running shows that still had decent rating got the axe.     I still hadn’t heard a word yet about S.H.I.E.L.D

(Below is an Entertainment Weekly picture of the new cast for the Inhumans TV Show)


 I first saw the  great news on Clark Gregg’s (Agent Coulson)Facebook page .    I was delighted to hear of it’s return for at least one more year. Agents of Shield got off to a slow start with some fans in season 1 as the series took some time to develop the characters on the show.   It felt more like a spy show than what people were hoping for with it’s connections to the MCU.    Then about 3/4 of the way through season one the events of Captain American  Winter Soldier  changed the direction of the show and it has continued to get better and better since that time.   I knew to stick through the shows beginning because it had Joss Whedon and his brother Jed behind the show.   I’ve loved every Joss Whedon show on TV so far….So I knew the show would get  more interesting.  It has become more than interesting it has become must see TV.   Like other Whedon shows Buffy, Angel and Firefly this show really starting hitting its stride.   All the characters are interesting and the series always delivers conclusions to major storylines.     Followers of the show informed their friends that had dropped off to give it another try and it will now thankfully be entering it’s  5th Season amazing season.Agents-of-S.H.I.E.L.D.-S4-Cast-PhotosSeason 4 has been great as they structured the season into three main story arcs.   Starting the season with the introduction of Ghost Rider and then moving on to a great story featuring LMD’s   (Life Model Decoys) which dove into artificial intelligence.   Then the third arc of the Season which will conclude on Tuesday May 16th  dealt with “The Framework”  A Simulated world that the main characters were trapped in that was very different from the world they knew, but had consequences to the real world.   The tension for this third arc has been sweeps worthy every week.  The Framework gave the show a chance to bring back characters that no longer exist in the real world such as Agent Ward with totally different versions of themselves.   It allowed one of the shows most beloved characters to be a villain,  which now back in the real world he has to deal with what his character did in “The Framework”.  In his mind “The Framework”  was just as real as having lived  another life.    The finale airs this week.   I’ll post a trailer for the last episode on the facebook.             I’m super excited for this incredible show to return for Season 5.    If you aren’t already onboard…..binge watch this show and get caught up.