Double Dribble  1947  8  of out 10

Double Dribble is yet another cartoon from the popular Goofy Sports Series. This particular Cartoon focuses on the sport of Basketball.  In typical Goofy Sports fashion this cartoon gets into some silly situations.  The Ref is cross-eyed,  most of the Goofy’s are tall with the exception of an odd short Goofy.   The sight gags include slap stick action of characters slapping each other in the face everytime they have a jump ball. The cartoon is silly and full of action –but for some reason wasn’t on the level of the Football, Baseball or Hockey cartoons which are classics.    It is a Goofy sports cartoon so it is still fun and definitely worth a watch for any Goofy fan.

I watched this cartoon on my Walt Disney Treasures the Complete Goofy DVD which I’m sadly almost all the way though now.   It can easily be found online