Disney Movie News:


Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol. 2 is currently annihilating the box office. After 19 days at the domestic box office it has already grossed 308 Million and an additional 431 Million in Foreign Box Office for a total of about 740 Million so far.    Only Disney’s own Beauty and the Beast has currently made more Domestically in 2017.     In other words Disney is continuing their box office domination just like last year.

My Review of the film can be found here


This weekend of course Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Men Tell no Tales hits theaters.   I can’t wait for this film.   I’m uncertain of how it is going to fare box office wise this time around being the 5th film in the franchise.   Are people still up for more of Captain Jack or could it suffer the same fate as Alice.   I’m personally really looking forward to it since Captain Jack Sparrow has become my  2nd favorite movie character only behind Indiana Jones.   The trailers look exciting and fun and I think it could be a return to the magic that was The Curse of the Black Pearl if they got it right.Pirates

Theme Park News:

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy…..Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout opens this weekend as well.


The footage I’ve seen online looks incredible. I’ve posted several videos from online on the Facebook page.  The ride system from The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the same and as much as I will miss that amazing ride…..this new version with Guardians music and theming looks incredible.

summerofheroes.pngAs a part of the Heroes of Summer there is also an Avengers Training Academy in DCA as well.  Think Jedi Academy, but instead of Jedi training you will get trained to fight by Hawkeye and Black Widow for the Marvel universe.

Star Lord and Gamora also lead a dance off:   The footage of this is a like underwhelming.  I was expecting basically the return of Electronica style dance party where the Mad T Party used to be,  but instead it looks like a low key character interaction featuring basically a Ghetto blaster.   The good thing is it features Guardians music.   They really should have had a cover band playing the music rather than this low key dance off.     I’m still looking forward to getting out to the parks sometime in the next week to check it all out and should have a review of Pirates this weekend.


Meanwhile in Orlando  Pandora opens this week as well.  I’ve heard from several Podcasts that it looks absolutely amazing and the land is totally immersive–but that the rides though nice may not be as thrilling as Disney hoped.   This land after all took years to make.   Opinions seem to be mixed since some people are calling it incredible.   It may be a few years unitl I get to check this out –but I’m still looking forward to it.   And maybe if and when the planned Avatar sequels ever come out the land will have more to offer once audiences have had a chance to return to the world on the big screen