Let’s face it your baby isn’t going to remember his or her first trip to Disneyland.   Before I had a baby of my own I used to think that around 2 or 2 ½ was the first time one should take a child to Disneyland.  Let’s be honest baby’s first trip to Disneyland is more for you than for them. I could take my baby to the ceiling fan section at Lowe’s and he would probably be in heaven (he stares at ceiling fans a lot).   So, the first tip I would suggest for taking a baby to Disneyland is don’t if you can avoid it.   Unfortunately, that isn’t an option for many people.   So if you are going to take your little tiny one to the park know what your baby can and can’t handle.  Try taking your baby other places first.    Does your baby like being in his or her stroller for extended periods of time?    What are their sleep patterns?   Are they easily upset by loud noises or music?     These are things you should consider before your baby’s first trip to Disneyland.


Like I said above:   Before I had a baby I thought that around 2 to 3 years old was a the right time for a child’s first visit .   But I’m an annual passholder and the second Hudson was born I couldn’t wait to take him to the park.    We knew our baby!  and at a little over 2 months he was ready for his first trip.   We headed out to the Food and Wine Festival.  I’m sure he had no clue where he was or what we were doing –but he was totally content in his stroller which we kept shaded from the sun.   He enjoys rides in his stroller as much as our family dog like going for a walk.   Having taken him to several restaurants before our trip we knew that he would behave and be good as long as his bottle was within reach.  We had a great time at the festival and handled our first trip with baby in tow excellently.

In the next entry in the series coming soon we will discuss the do’s and do not’s of strollers.