In this Goofy cartoon Goofy goes Duck Hunting??  Does Donald Duck know?  It is weird how in the Disney Cartoon Universe that Goofy is a Dog and is best friends with Mickey and yet Mickey has a pet dog.  It makes me think of the conversation from Stand By Me.    So even though Goofy friends with Donald Duck in this particular cartoon Goofy can go duck hunting.   Maybe there are evolved  Humanoid Mice, Dogs and Ducks and then the more animalistic versions of the same animals???  It hurts my head to even try to figure this out.   Kind of like the great Donald Duck no pants debate.

Anyway the cartoon itself is entertaining as Goofy fumbles and bumbles his way around a pond trying to hunt Ducks.  He is at his best when tripping over himself and shooting holes into his own pants. “Foul Hunting” is a fun and entertaining Goofy Cartoon that really showcases the Goof.


P.S.  at the beginning of the cartoon Goofy mentions a girlfriend.   Goofy would later have a son Max but no Mrs. Goofy is to be found.  Unexplored territory.  I think after all these years it is time to give Goofy a girlfriend.

I watched this cartoon on my Walt Disney Treasures the Complete Goofy DVD which I’m sadly almost all the way though now.   It can easily be found online