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Even if you aren’t a big fan of the Pixar Cars franchise—don’t miss the Cars 3  sneak peek at DCA.   This 4-D sneak peek was a blast.  It basically lays out the plot of Cars 3 and then gives you extended look at a scene where Lightning MCQueen is training with Cruz Ramirez and they end up in a crazy 8 mud filled demolition derby.   This action sequence in the 4-D settting is exciting.  As the cars crash into each other and swerve through the mud you are sprayed with water effects and then the air effects blast as fire on screen shots up around the race course.   This action sequence alone is worth visiting this sneak peek.   I would recommend it for any fans of 4-D regardless of whether you like Lightning McQueen and the Cars series.

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I unfortunately missed the sneak peeks for both Pirates and Guardians (both of films which I absolutely loved in the theaters.

I’ve said this many times.  If you are in the parks definitely check out one of the movie sneak peeks when they are available.   When you see these movies in the theaters they will not have the cool added special effects that these sneak peeks give you.  The Cars series is good as far as I’m concerned –but not one of my favorite Pixar films at all.  If the whole movie was playing in the Bug’s Life Theater—I could totally see myself seeing it multiple times –just because of the special 4-D effects and what they add to the experience.