Canned 2017   8 out of 1o

Season 4 of the new Mickey Short cartoons has returned and 2 episodes have been released already.   I’l start with episode 2 of season 4, just because I was anxious to see the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cameo. They really need to start using Oswald more and giving him more to do.

In this cartoon short the always helpful and kind Mickey Mouse sees his neighbor (an old goat lady)  struggling to take out the garbage so he helps her pull her can to the curb.  Then she mentions she has one more can in the backyard.   Of course Mickey offers to help and ventures into the spooky backyard to find the world’s largest pile of stinky of trash.   Mickey starts digging up at the pile uncovering some funny site gags.   Oswald the Lucky Rabbit…… A giant mutated fly that says the infamous  ” Oh a Mannnn” line and kisses Mickey.  He also discovers Goofy inside the trash pulling a card game with some rats and more.  The SteamBoat from Steam Boat Willie is in the pile and a Mickey Mouse phone.  He races to get the trash out in time only to have the trash truck driver says he isn’t picking all of that up.   Mickey improvises and creates a rolling vehicle of trash barrels and barrels after the trash man.  This was silly and funny Mickey Mouse cartoon…So glad the series has returned.

My DVR didn’t record it so I’m not sure if it is still playing on the Disney channel –but you can find it on Disney online.   Enjoy!….

Last ThoughtsL   Disney needs a way to bring back Oswald into the spotlight –aside from a few cameos here and there.