The Auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the two most iconic scenes in the attraction.  I’ve ridden the attraction for over 40 plus years and loved the ride and this scene.   This scene features The Auctioneer (one of the most advanced audio Animatronic figures)  selling the women of the town that the pillaging Pirates have taken over.  It is one of the best set pieces in the attraction with only the jail scene in my mind being its equal.

Below is the original sketch by legendary Imagineer Marc Davis.


Unfortunately this classic scene will soon be gone.

The last time Disney caved to Political correctness on the Pirates ride was when they decided that the Pirates couldn’t chase the women anymore. Instead the Pirates would chase the women holding plates of food (and yet the Large Boned lady chasing the skinny Pirate with food was still okay).   This change was absolutely stupid. They also removed the drunken Pirate of the Explosive barrel at the end of the ride as well.   If you are going to have a ride about Pirates–the Pirates –should well….behave like Pirates.  

This ride has existed since 1967 —before I was even born.   It is a Disney classic and a fun and whimsical look at a Pirate’s life.   The story of real  life Pirates is much nastier than the funny and playful version that Walt and crew designed.   But Political correctness is running wild again and Disney has decided to change one of the rides most classic scenes.   40 years I’ve watched this scene where the Pirates try to sell off the rotund women in white, while all the  drunken Pirates yell out “We Want the Redhead”.   Somehow in the hundred plus times I’ve ridden the ride it hasn’t corrupted me.   I don’t know how I’ve survived…..but somehow I have.    But apparently I have been wrong all these years.   So once again the ride will be watered down.   No longer will the Pirates be selling brides–but the Redhead will now be robbing the townsfolk.

As for the larger lady….Apparently she will just be holding a chicken?? (We don’t want to fat shame her after all.)   It is a sad day in many Disney circles to lose such a classic scene from such a classic attraction. Someday maybe the concept of having a Pirates ride alltogther may be too offensive. How long will it be before all the Pirates guns and Swords are taken out of the ride?  Maybe they should remove the offensive Pirates and just have a bunch of faceless robots waving to the crowds and saying hello.


It reminds me of when Itchy and Scratchy stopped being mean to each other.

“Lemonaide?”     “Please”