swimming_hole_mickey_mouse_1001_animations_by_sofiablythe2014-dbc6q4uSwimming Hole  2017  6 out of 10

“There is just a hole where the Swimming hole should be”  Hollers  Goofy.

After a swimming hole sung by Mickey, Goofy and Donald. Pete steals the swimming hole.   Mickey and the gang set out to get their hole back. After a run in with an electric fence the gang steals the hole back from Pete using a bulldozer which turns into a Mad Max style battle over the old watering hole with Pete in a Monster Truck.    This battle leads to an odd tribute to a scene from Bambi for those Disney fans that got the song reference. 

Pete never learns his lesson –but kind hearted Mickey lets him use the swimming hole once it returns  to it’s righful spot after the song from Bambi.   On another note Donald Duck is wearing swimming trunks.   This mystery will never end.   He waddles around without pants all the time and yet wears swim trunks to the swimming hole.

This  cartoon can be found on Disney Online  (specifically the  Mickey Mouse cartoon page).   I don’t think this cartoon series is still running on the Disney Channel –because I had it set to record on the DVR and it no longer does