I’ve spent the last eight years of my life as a stepdad having to watch children’s shows both good and bad.   Good shows like Spongebob –which I could watch when the kids weren’t even in the room and bad like the overly preachy and thankfully cancelled Girl Meets World.

I knew that once we had our baby Hudson who just turned 4 Months old that a lot of Disney Jr.  would be in my future.    One of the first shows I found to watch with him is Mickey and the Roadsters Racers.   I’m sure he has no clue what is going on -but when we turned the show on he was mesmerized.   I guess I have a little Mickey Mouse fan on my hands.


 This show is aimed for a crowd off about 2-3 and up  (so Hudson is getting an early start).   It basically seems like a step up for kids that used to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse—which is more of a Blue’s Clues level show.  I like that Mickey and the Roadsters Racers has decent storylines and plays around and has fun with the main characters and their established personalities.   I actually enjoy this show and if Hudson enjoys it  I can’t wait to take him to the new Dance Party show in DCA which features characters from the show.  I’m glad that I’ve already found something that I can enjoy with him.    Most the episodes feature races as the characters compete like the old school Hanna Barbara race shows.  The second half of the episode is usually a non racing cartoon that just takes advantage of the characters in cute little stories. They also incorporate other Disney characters in some of the episodes like Horace Horsecollar and the Three Cabelleros.

I would definitely recommend this fun show to anyone with little ones. The stories and characters are enjoyable –with the exception of the unnecessary weird wind up bird character.

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