Saturday was the big Live Action Movie Presentation at D23:

There was so much news coming out of D23 this weekend that it was really hard to keep up with it all.  Geeking out would be an understatement.  Of course just like with the Theme Park presentation for Star Wars Land everyone’s eyes were on Star Wars The Last Jedi at the film Presentation.


The teaser trailer that was released back in May at Star Wars Celebration didn’t get me pumped for the movie as much as I had hoped.    At D23 the audience got a look Behind the Scenes -See below.   This behind the scenes look was actually more satisfying than the teaser as it gave some great glimpses into this sequel..    We are now only 5 months away from the Dec 15th release.  Can’t freaking wait now.

Disney had nothing to share about the Han Solo movie…. With the recent director chaos that lead to the directors being fired and replaced by Ron Howard –they probably wanted to keep all the attention on The Last Jedi.

The crowd at D23 also got a big surprise when pretty much everyone in Avengers: Infinity War showed up on stage and  the audience got a sneak look at this next Avengers film (that isn’t available online 😦


A Trailer for A Wrinkle in Time (which previously wasn’t on my radar) looks really cool and interesting .  This movie  which is based on the sci-fi novel of the same name will hit theaters in March of 2018. Check out the trailer below.


Emily Blunt hit the stage to promote Mary Poppins and footage was revealed at D23.  The Fans went wild.  This film is a sequel not a remake which begs the question “What is Mary Poppins?   an Immortal?  a good Witch?   We could and should have a discussion about Mary Poppins at some point.


Disney also confirmed some of the cast for Tim Burton’s live action Dumbo which should be interesting.   Michael Keaton, Danny Devito , Eva Green and Colin Farell will join this sure to be interesting film.   Keaton and Devito last battled on screen in Burton’s Batman Returns


I had seen rumors all week that Disney was having trouble casting it’s live action Aladdin.  Those rumors turned out to be wrong as they announced the cast which will feature Will Smith as the Genie.    Good luck Will….. Robin’s Genie shoes will be extremely hard to fit into.

Another big crowd pleaser was a clip of the upcoming The Lion King that Jon Favreau (who did the mega hit Jungle Book) is directing.   This clip wowed the audience. I can’t wait to see what they can do with the Lion King after seeing how they turned The Jungle Book into such an immersive world.

Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther 2 of the upcoming Marvel movies also had a presence on the D23 show floor with props and stuff from the films.




Friday at D23 featured the Animation Presentation brought Disney showed a scene from Wreck It Ralph  Breaks the Internet that featured encounters with all of the Disney Princesses whose voice talents were on stage.  Wreck It Ralph opens in November of 2018

Wreck it

Pixar’s next movie out this year will be Coco which will be released in November.


 Coco hasn’t grabbed my interest yet –which may be why that movie will be opening with a new Frozen short called  Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in front of it.

The big excitement at the animated presentation was for Incredibles 2.


Voice talents Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, and Samuel L. Jackson were on hand to introduce some footage.  The audience got a sneak peek of a sequence featuring baby Jack Jack that was apparently hilarious.

Of course Toy Story 4 is also on Pixar’s slate of films and will come out in 2019.

In Box Office News:

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 5 underperformed at the U.S Box office bringing in around 170 Million at the domestic box office the lowest so far for the franchise.    It’s Worldwide Box Office however is a different story.  The movie (thanks to it’s foreign take)  has grossed  754 Million dollars Worldwide which has it currently sitting in 5th place of the year behind only  Beauty and the Beast (which grossed 1.2 Billion Worldwide)  , The Fate of the Furious, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which is now at around 859 Million Worldwide),  and the surprise hit Wonder Women at 766 and counting.    Pirates proved that the domestic box office isn’t the only place for a film to earn it’s money.   Most films would dream of a 750 Million Worldwide take.   The film was advertised as the last adventure and the delivered on tying up some loose ends for the franchise


Cars 3 on the other hand has not faired so well at the box office.  I think the direction they went with Cars 2 may have turned a lot of fans off since it wasn’t the film they were expecting .   Cars 3 was the film I think people that liked Cars wanted,  but Disney and Pixar fans weren’t really begging for a Cars 3.    I’ve heard that Disney isn’t really concerned about the box office for the Cars movie however. Apparently the Cars brand has sold more than 10 Billion dollars in merchandise so the movie underperforming isn’t as huge concern for them since they will make it back in merchandise.

I’ll review the whole Franchise later this week (I meant to get around to it after seeing the film -but then rode the Guardians ride and had all this D23 news to catch up on.