Have you ever been playing a game of  basketball with some friends and some big bully type wants to challenge you.  Well this is the premise of one of the latest Mickey Mouse Animated short cartoons.  Mickey, Donald and Goofy are playing football when they are challenged by Pete.   Goofy and Donald look like the idea, but Mickey accepts.    The next thing you know they are no longer just tossing the ball around and they find themselves facing off with Pete and the Beagle Boys and Chernabob the demon from Fantasia.   Mickey, Donald and Goofy get destroyed.   They end up looking like road kill.   Mickey then gives an inspiring speech to rally the troops and making a final stand actually scoring a touchdown against all odds.   They burst into celebration and Minnie and Daisy looking on look up at the score board and  say “should we tell them?”    This cartoon has the same feel as a previous episode called Tapped Out that involved Wrestling . It is a fun action packed little short cartoon.

I saw this cartoon on the Disney Channel –but it can also be found on Disney Online