Descendants 2 2017  5 out of 10

My Step Daughter was super excited about the Descendants sequel and had been waiting for it since they announced it at a Downtown Disney event we attended quite awhile back.   The film itself was okay, but like Teen Beach Movie 2 suffered in comparison to the original.    The original good a better story concept and better songs.

In this second installment the teens from the Isle of the Lost have adapted to their new home in Auradon.   Well except for Mal who is feeling the pressure of trying to fit in with being part of the Royal family and the pressures that come with that.   She decides it is too much and runs away to return to the Isle of the Lost.   Her friends and boyfriend King Ben chase after her which leads to a showdown with an old nemesis from her past (the daughter of Ursula the Sea Witch)  Uma.

Uma captures Ben and Mal ends up in a showdown on a pirate ship that looks more like a prop from a stage play than a movie.  They also rethread the same story line where the villain wants the Fairy Godmother’s wand.   They should have come up with a better plotline for this sequel.   This second installment lacked the humor and originality of the original and just feel short of where they could have gone with the concept.

That being said my stepdaughter enjoyed it and after all she is the target audience.