In the latest Mickey Mouse cartoon Mickey and Minnie end up in that classic sitcom situation of basically being handcuffed together. Although instead of handcuffs it is a love lock that traps the two together.  Mickey and Minnie try to attach a love lock to a bridge and find themselves locked together instead.   Mickey has the key to the lock but drops it leading to a series of comic action sequences as they chase after the key.   The highlights happen when Minnie takes charge after being dragged behind Mickey for awhile.  Mickey ends up with his head stuck inside a bee hive.    The couple start fighting like a duo on The Amazing Race.   Then looking down at the lock they are reminded of their love and start working together as they chase down the boar the key has attached itself to.     It was a nice Mickey and Minnie Cartoon with some good funny moments with a little bit of cute Mickey and Minnie thrown in.

The cartoon can be found on Disney Online.