In the latest Mickey Mouse Cartoon Mickey and Minnie just want a relaxing vacation.   After a hilarious bit with an angry Donald dropping them off in traffic while Goofy sings 99 bottles of pop they board a luxary cruise ship and relax with a tropical drink.

The relaxation doesn’t last long.   Mickey has signed up for the VIP package which includes a list of activities that makes relaxing impossible.    “They are killing us with fun”  a worn out Mickey proclaims.   All they wanted was to relax –but they find themselves,   Surfing, Bungee jumping, and being shot with paintballs and zip lining and flying through an extreme water slide and finally parasailing during a fireworks show.

FullSizeRender (80)

This was a fast paced nearly perfect action packed cartoon.   It was funny to watch Mickey and Minnie in the chaos of their action packed VIP adventure.     The cartoon ends with Mickey and Minnie stranded on an island finally finding the relaxation they were looking for.

The cartoon can be found on Disney Online.