Mickey Cartoon

A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular! 2017 7 out of 10

The latest Mickey Mouse feature basically includes three separate short cartoons wrapped up together as a story about Mickey Mouse trying to tell a scary Halloween tale.   Huey, Dewey and Louie and his two little Mouse nephews have just finished trick or treating and Mickey tries to tell them a scary story with the help of Donald Duck and Goofy.

His first attempt to scare the kids fails miserably and unfortunately failed for me as a viewer as well.   It was a Frankenstein story with Mickey Mouse as Frankenstein.  It was a silly little song and dance cartoon that just really missed the mark.

The second cartoon featured Mickey telling a story about three vampire hunters.  This cartoon featured Goofy and Donald interrupting the story and changing it.  It was by far the best of the three cartoon shorts and had good action sequences as they battle the vampire Mouse and laughs as well.  His audience however -found the story too predictable.

The third story was basically about a witch turning kids into apple pies.  This was a dark cartoon with some visual elements that seemed like something out of Ren and Stimpy that scared his audience –but could actually scare some young kids as well.

The cartoon can be found on the Disney Channel and Disney online