Hands down Goofy is my favorite character out of the classic Fab Five (6 if you include Daisy)   Some of my favorite Disney cartoons feature Goofy.  Some of the Classic Goofy Sports Series and Everyman cartoons.  The newer Mickey Mouse Cartoon Potatoland is an absolute classic.    Who is your Favorite Fab Five character?

Goofy Disney Character

If  you are talking all the other Disney Characters from Movies and cartoons my Favorite non-Fab Five character has to be Humphrey the Bear.  He is featured in cartons with both Donald (Rugged Bear) and Goofy (Hold that Pose).     My favorite Humphrey’s cartoon In the bag from 1956 is a classic and an all-time favorite.   Who is your favorite non Fab Five Disney Character?

Humphrey the Bear Disney Character