101 Dalmations .jpeg

101 Dalmatians is a simple story.   An evil woman wants to make a coat out of puppy dog coats.   She has some bumbling crooks steal the puppies and the rest of the story is about the parents trying to help the puppies escape and get back home .  That is the whole story and yet it works so well.   I absolutely love the animation style of this Disney animated classic.  The puppies are adorable.  The movie contains moments of humor and great action sequences.

What really makes this film work so well is the villain.  Cruella Deville is one of the best villains that Disney has ever created.  The balance between a woman that is pure evil that she would steal puppies and to steal their for a cute vs the cutest little puppies you have ever seen is what makes this film so good.    You can’t get a bigger divide between good and evil.  You can’t get a movie that is more black and white.    101 Dalmatians is such a great classic Disney film.   Definitely a must watch if you are digging into the Disney classic.