The Incredibles 2004  8 out of 10

With it’s sequel coming this summer I decided to revisit The Incredibles the other day on Disney Jr.  When it came out it wasn’t one of my favorite Pixar films at the time.    Not that it was bad,  just everything else Pixar had done to that point had been …..Incredible.  I think at the time it just didn’t feel as original as Pixar’s other efforts which explored high concepts like Toys that were alive when kids were away.  Or Monsters that scared you to power their cities.  The Incredibles just felt like an animated Family version of The Fantastic Four  –done right for once.  On a second viewing  I actually enjoyed it a lot more when just viewing it as a superhero moview,  without those expectations of what I thought a Pixar film should be.

The Incredibles is an entertaining and action packed film .    Like I mentioned it really was like the Fantastic Four done correctly (something that live action hasn’t done).   The film had some strong comic moments and the action sequences were ….well Fantastic.     The plot involves Mr. Incredible and his wife Elastigirl trying to adjust to normal civilian lives in the suburbs where they live with their three kids Dash ,  Violet and Jack Jack.    Mr. Incredible misses the old crime fighting days of the past and when he gets a secret mission takes off for a chance at adventure.  He ends up captured by an old superfan that wants to be a hero himself by basically eliminating all the heros and then staging a rescue of the city by himself.  It takes  the whole superpowered family to save the day.  It is a solid superhero story with a family twist.

I’m looking forward to the sequel –especially Jack Jack’s character who looks like a potential for some amazing comic scenes.  I hope they give Frozone more to do the second time around.  I especially like the idea of Mr. Incredible basically trying to be Mr. Mom which is played up the the ads.