Walking past the empty Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney this past Monday felt strange.   Especially since it feels like we lost the Rainforest Café for no reason now that Disney has officially cancelled the Four-Star Hotel that was going to be built in that section of Downtown Disney.    The Earl of Sandwich has already returned and news out of the OC Register reports that the owners of the Rainforest would like to come back if Disney will have them.  But could Disney do something different with the space.

I previously pushed for Aladdin’s Oasis to become an Indiana Jones themed bar called Sallah’s in the style of Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar in Orlando.   The Oasis is getting updated  as the Tropical Hideaway which should open really soon.   So, since we won’t be getting an Indy themed bar in the park—why not turn the Temple that housed the Rainforest Café into an Indiana Jones Restaurant.   It already looks like a temple out of and Indiana Jones film.  What if they turned the old Rainforest Temple into an Indiana Jones themed Adventurer’s Club?    Basically, the society of Adventurers has adopted this temple as their club and have decided to invite wary travelers to stop by and have a meal.    You could turn a small portion of the temple into darkened Trader Sam’s style bar with Indy relics. The bar area could be accessed through a secret cave like entrance.

The rest of the restaurant could be a fun Adventurer’s Club inspired dining experience with the waiters using Skipper’s Cantina style banter with the guest.  The menu in the main restaurant could be like what Rainforest had.