We are living in the Golden Age of Star Wars.  Despite Bob Iger’s comments about slowing down with the Movie releases –we are getting more Star Wars content than any other time in Star Wars history.  The Disney Streaming Service is going to be amazing.   Not only is The Clone Wars Animated Series coming back.  Then we got news of the Mandalorian Live Action show.   Yesterday we got more exciting news.

Rogue One Prequel.jpg

(Spoiler alert)

All of the main characters in Rogue One die at the end.  I thought it was a shame, because I would have loved to see more stories with some of these characters.  Well luckily, we will get to see more of at least one of those characters.  Diego Luna who starred as Cassian Andor -will be reprising his role in a new Live action Star Wars TV series.   This announcement was unexpected -but very welcome.

Cassian’s story is perfect for a TV series because he is a Rebel Spy.  We could basically be getting a James Bond style Star Wars spy show.    This news is super exciting.   As I’ve said before Disney is going all in on their Streaming service (Disney +).  As a result a major portion of Star Wars future could be in these Live action TV shows.  Disney also confirmed the rumors that Marvel fan favorite Loki will be getting his own Tv show as well.  This reinforces the possibility that the Star Wars spinoff movies could find new homes on as series on the streaming service.   The fact that the have committed bringing big screen movie characters to the streaming service gives Solo/ Lando/ Maul/ and Obi Wan fans hope.   If Cassian Andor is worthy of a series than maybe Ahsoka Tano could be on the table?    Star Wars fans would absolutely lose their minds if Disney announced an Ahsoka live action show at Celebration.   Ok…Ok…slow down and don’t get greedy.    Let’s enjoy the moment and wait in anticipation for Clone Wars, The Mandalorian and this cool new Rogue One Prequel for now.